Domesticated Pets or Other Animals in the Workplace

Human Resources

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Human Resources 

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Director, Human Resources

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

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Employees and others working at SLAC are not allowed to bring domesticated pets or other animals to SLAC except for:

  • Assistive animals for persons with disabilities or those being trained for such a purpose.
  • Emergency, short-term situations (for example, an owner needs to take a pet to the veterinarian but can only do so during working hours), if the employee’s supervisor approves in advance and if adequate steps are taken to prevent injury or disruption of others in the workplace, including the immediate removal of the animal in the event of concerns or complaints.

This policy recognizes that animals may pose issues of disruption of work, health (including transmission of allergens, dander, odor, infection, etc.), safety (risk of aggression, animal bites, scratches, etc.), and hygiene (pest infestation, etc.) In addition, some employees may feel threatened or distracted by the presence of animals.

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