Institutional Requirements Program

Contract Assurance & Contract Management

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Contractor Assurance

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Angel Smith

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Monday, April 30, 2018

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The purpose of the SLAC Institutional Requirements Program (IRP) is to ensure that the institution provides the Laboratory workforce with clear, concise and current policies and procedures that are:

  • Aligned with SLAC prime contract and Stanford University (SU) requirements and other applicable federal, state, or local legal/regulatory requirements,
  • Crisp, to the point, consolidated, and easy to find and use,
  • Created with Senior Management Team (SMT) engagement, and
  • Ready for implementation with goals, responsibilities, and objectives.

This IRP provides the requirements and processes for developing, reviewing, issuing, implementing, maintaining, controlling, and cancelling institutional requirements.

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Institutional Requirements Program (PDF)

IRP Policy Template (Word)